Kimbol Sealer Ltd

Kimbol Sealer is a Canadian manufacturer established in 1988 producing top coat sealers for paving stones,stamped concrete,natural stone and all


porous concrete and wood.Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality products and service. All our sealers are  specifically formulated to


provide maximum protection and durability from the outdoor elements and from stains such as oil and grease.Our sealers have been engineered tested


by Ortech labratories of Mississauga Ontario to make sure that you get the best results when using kimbol sealer products.We are a company that can


be trusted for its commitment to excellence. We are in touch with our customers needs and value their feedback on our products.





 Product Information



 Our products range from Low voc solvent based sealers that come in a regular shine and super shine finish, natural stone sealers and wood


sealers in a water base formula.All of our sealers are made of the highest quality acrylic resins .Our solvent based sealers are available in a non-slip


formula that provides an additional 70% more traction. We make colored sealers customized to your taste that will give you a new look for older


pavers, concrete and wood.We carry a line of cleaning products ranging from oil and grease removers,a special conditioner that helps to rejuvenate the


apperance of your concrete surface and an efflorescence cleaner to help remove the efflorescence from new paving stones.Our low voc solvent based


sealers are compliant with the new guide lines set out by  Environment Canada as of September 2010. Kimbol Sealer is doing its part to help the


environment and will continue to ensure that our low voc solvent based sealers are of the highest quality.




Performance and Durability




Kimbol sealers provide maximum protection from UV rays and will dramatically enhance the  color of paving stones, stamped concrete and any


concrete surface.This will give you a " Wet" look in apperance.Our formulation of using the highest quality acrylic resins make


kimbol sealers very durable.Our solvent sealers are quick drying and allow for a second or third application if needed.We


recommend  20-30 minutes of drying time between applications.




Customer Support



We are a family operated business established in 1988.The success of our company is based on the quality of our products


and supporting our customers needs.We stand behind our products 100% and are always available to answer any questions.





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