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                               Our products offer solutions for all your concrete and wood needs. 

                                         Our full range of products offer you different glosses and finishes

                                         depending on your tastes and needs.







                                                                                         Kimbol Solvent-Based Concrete Sealer:




                                                                                    " New Low Voc Compliant Products "

  . Super Shine, Regular Shine, and Non-Slip Acrylic Sealers (Available in both Regular Shine and Super Shine)

      . All of our acrylic solvent-based sealers are Low Voc Compliant.


    Key Benefits : 

  .  Maximum protection and durability against UV rays, salt, penetrating oil, grease and dirt. 

    . Enhances the color of the concrete , giving a "Wet " look in appearance

     . Use on paving stones, stamped concrete , porous concrete, and wood.

  . Easy  application and quick drying Formula

  . Will not peel or discolor the surface of the concrete.

  . Touch Dry In 20-30-Minutes.Can be driven on in 4-6 hours

    . Available in 4 Litres and 20 Litres:

       ( Coverage on 4 litres approx: 160-200 sq.feet.Coverage for 20 litres is approx:800-1000 sq.feet)




            Non-slip  Acrylic Solvent- Based Sealers:

  .  Our Non-slip sealers come in a regular shine and super shine gloss.


    . ideal for stamped concrete, concrete areas near pools, concrete areas where there is a slope and for safety of children and the elderly. 

    . Provides  up to 70% more traction.

    . The same key benefits as our regular shine and super shine sealers.



       Directions for Application:( Eye protection and gloves required.Flammable product)



 1/ Wash surface thoroughly ensuring there are no oil, grease, or dirt stains present. 



  2/Before application, it is imperative that the surface area and sand joint for pavers,is 100% dry.Failure in following this step will result in a  whitening appearance on the surface and bonding issues with the sealer.



3/when applying the sealer , we recommend  a high volume /pressure sprayer or pump-up sprayer,a medium to heavy nap non linting roller or other solvent/resistant applicator.



4/Apply even coats of sealer.Avoid over spraying or puddling.For best results, we recommend at least 2 coats on new  concrete and 1 coat for a re-sealed area.Wait until the surface is completely dry before re-spraying.




  **NOTE: New Paving Stones must not have efflorescence present.Paving stone manufacturers recommend anywhere from 3-12 months before sealing is permitted. We recommend that you contact your paving stone supplier and ask them when sealing is permitted.An   Efflorescence cleaner can be used to get rid of the efflorescence prior to sealing.New concrete should be thoroughly cured before sealing is    permitted.







                                                       Kimbol Colored Sealer (Solvent and Water-Based)



       Kimbol sealer is available in different colors that comes in a solvent based and water based acrylic formula.Look at our photo gallery for before and after picture of colored sealer.




      Key Benefits:

 .Use for older paving stones, any porous concrete, and wood that have lost their original color , or concrete that has  too much stains from   oil , grease and dirt that can not be repaired .Colored sealer will bring back a new lusture and appeal to your concrete and wood.



 . Save thousands of dollars from re-sealing with our colored sealer versus changing all of your concrete and wood.

 . Offers the same key benefits as our clear sealers mentioned above.

 . Available in 4 litres and 20 litres. Coverage is the same as our clear sealers mentioned above.


 . Application: Follow the same directions as our clear sealers.** The final step is to apply 1 coat of clear sealer **


 ***NOTE: We highly recommend that the concrete surface must be acid etched before applying colored sealer.This will help with the color penetrating in the concrete and less chance of the color coming off.You can use Kimbol Efflorescence cleaner to acid etch the concrete.





                        Natural Stone :Low Voc Solvent Sealer 


  Kimbol natural stone sealer is a Low Voc solvent sealer formulated to provide maximum protection  and durability from the outdoor elements such  as UV rays, and stains such as oil and grease.It Enhances the look of natural Stone to give  a "wet-Look "appearance with a low sheen.Allows moisture vapor transmission.




   Key Benefits:


   .Excellent sealer protection for all porous natural stones such as slate, travertine, limestone,granite,marble,terra cotta,and porcelain.

   .Excellent sealer for Grout.

   .Effective for interior and exterior applications.


 .Achieves a full cure in 24 hours.

 . Available in 1 litre, 4 litres, and 20 litres.

       Coverage for 1litre:approx. 40-50 sq.feet

       Coverage for 4 litres: approx.160-200 sq.feet

       Coverage for 20 litres:approx.800-1000 sq.feet




          Directions for Application:

1/Surface must be clean,100%dry and free of any existing sealers or coatings.


2/Apply using a  paint brush, , paint roller or acetone rated sprayer. Be sure that any sealer that does not penetrate surface  is

     removed within 5 minutes of application using lint free cotton towels.


3/If applying 2  coats, allow a minimum of 30 minutes drying time between coats.


4/ Keep area dry for 12 hours.Clean applicator tools with solvent  cleaner after use.


***Pre-Grouting Application:Apply over clean stone or tile a minimum of 2 hours prior to grouting .Follow application procedures above


 NOTE:Sealer may slightly lighten or darken the surface area to be sealed.







                                           Water-Based Acrylic Sealer


     Kimbol Water-Based Acrylic Sealers is a durable sealer with low odor and is a non-flammable product.



  Key Benefits: 




 .Can be used for exterior concrete,paving stones and stamped concrete.


 .Protects wood and concrete from uv rays, oil, grease and dirt.


 .Excellent on wood, decks and fences and ideal for interior concrete such as basement flooring.


 .Excellent for dust proofing.


 .Long lasting protection for interior concrete floors.


 .medium gloss.


 .Available in 4 litres and 20 litres.Coverage is the same as our clear solvent sealers.



                                           ***New Enhanced Water-Base Acrylic Sealer***



    Our new formula will produce a richer enhancement to the color of your concrete and wood.Same  qualities as our regular water-base sealers.




       Application Directions for Water-based acrylic sealer :



1/Make sure area to be sealed is clean.Oil, grease and dirt must be removed from surface area.The concrete and wood can be slightly wet,but no puddling of water should be present on the area to be sealed.



 2/We recommend a plastic pump up sprayer or medium non linting roller .



 3/We recommend 2 coats of sealer.Wait until surface ares is completely dry before re-spraying.






                                                      Water-Based Acrylic Cure and Seal:



                  Kimbol cure and seal is a water based acrylic sealer used to help new concrete cure

                  and therefore able to spray a solvent or water based  protectant sealer sooner.  




             Key benefits:

  .Assists freshly poured concrete in its curing stage.

  .Protects decorative finishes.

  .Deepens and enhances concrete, terrazzo, masonary, or similar surfaces.

  .provides a non-yellowing seal.

  . Low to medium Gloss

  . Available in 20 litres.Coverage is approx:800-1000 sq.feet




    . Follow the same directions as our water-based acrylic sealers above.







                                                 Complete line of Kimbol Cleaners:




 Efflorescence Cleaner:This cleaner is specifically formulated to effectively remove efflorescence stains.

                                         ( A white calcium deposit found on new paving stones) without discoloring or

                                           damaging the paving stones or concrete surfaces. 





       Key benefits: 

  . Removes calcium build up in new paving stones and concrete.

  . Excellent acid etching for concrete which aids in opening the pores in the concrete therefore allowing for deeper penetration which is 

    ideal for colored sealers.

 . Removes light stains.


  .Available in 4 litres and 20 litres.Coverage: 4 Litres: 160-200 sq.feet.  20 Litres:800-1000 sq.feet



     Application Directions:( Eye protection and gloves required.)


1/Start by washing paving stones or concrete surface with water at the bottom of the area to be cleaned and working your way up.Use a stiff  brush or household broom.


 2/ While surface is wet, apply kimbol efflorescence cleaner using a plastic pump up sprayer (Not Metal)Work the cleaner with brush or broom and try not to exceed more than 8 x 10 sq.feet. at a time.***The  cleaner  must not sit for more than 1 minute.If the cleaner sits for more than a minute, it can bleach out the color of the paving stone or concrete surface.It is important that you rinse off the cleaner thoroughly with water letting the water  run off  completely.


3/It is very important to have the surface 100% dry before applying Kimbol Sealer.Joint sand around paving stones must also be 100% dry.


 NOTE: When using  the Efflorescence cleaner for acid etching the concrete, the cleaner can sit for 1- 2 hours and then giving a thorough rince with water.This process is used before applying Kimbol Colored Sealer. You can apply the cleaner on the entire area to be

acid etched rather then a small area at a time.











    Oil, Grease and Rust Cleaners:  Formulated with a special blend of inhibited acids and detergents to allow penetration of scale for quick release from the surface.Available in Solvent Based formula as well.


 Rubber Marks and Oil Stain Cleaner:(Solvent-Based)




Key Benefits:


.Convenient and economical way to remove difficult stains such as oil, grease, and rust without harming the base coat or surface.

  ****NOTE: Solvent Based cleaner may remove the base coat and therefore a re-application of sealer may be required after cleaning.




.Safe removal of scale and light concrete encrustations.Kimbol Rubber Marks Effective cleaner to remove Rubber marks and Oil stains.


. Available in 1 litre, 4 litres and 20 litres. Coverage: 1 litre:40-50 sq.feet  4 litres: 160-200 sq.feet  20 litres:800-1000 sq.feet



Directions For Cleaning:( Eye protection and gloves required. Solvent cleaner is flammable)


1/Wet surface area where needed.Apply cleaner to stained area.Allow it to settle for 1 minute.


2/ Use a brush and scrub into the area and wipe it off with a clean non-colored rag.Brush vigourously.


3/Rinse area thoroughly with water.*** NOTE: If using a Solvent cleaner, apply on a dry  area.You do not have to rinse off area with water.


4/If the stain is not completly removed, re-apply the cleaner and follow the same steps as above.





   Kimbol Sealer Conditioner: Excellent product for getting rid of acrylic build up on the surface

                                         area causing a" hazy "appearance on the concrete.This is a result of  the

                                    acrylics plugging the pores in the concrete and stops the concrete from breathing




Key Benefits:




. Effective product to rejuvenate the concrete surface area and remove acrylic build up .


. Available in 4 litres and 20 litres. Approx sq.footage. 4 Litres: Approx 160 sq.feet  20 litres:Approx 800 sq.feet



Application Directions:( Eye protection and gloves required.Flammable product)


1/Make sure surface area is completely dry.

2/Spray Kimbol Conditioner using a solvent rated sprayer and let it dry.

3/Several applications may be required to achieve good results .





    Kimbol Sealer Remover: Kimbol Sealer Remover helps to remove most acrylic sealers from concrete

                                              areas.It can be used to remove light oil and grease stains.




   Key benefits:

. Effective product to remove acrylic sealers from concrete .


. Helps to remove light oil and grease stains.


. Available in 4 litres and 20 Litres.  Approx sq.footage. 4 Litres: Approx:160 sq.feet 20 Litres: Approx: 800 sq.feet



   Application Directions:( Eye protection and gloves required.Flammable product)


1/ Make sure surface area is completely dry.

2/ Spray Kimbol Remover using a solvent rated sprayer

3/Use a Nylon brush and vigourously  scrub  area.Wipe off sealer with a dry non-colored rag.

4/Several applications may be required to achieve good results.












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